An open letter to the bartender who wronged me

Dear Gauges, That’s the fun little nickname I gave you since you look about 13 years younger than your bartending peers and because I admire your commitment to an earring trend that wasn’t… Continue reading

Cyber Monday

I’m not really a shopper. I spend the majority of my money on coffee and pizza. (I work in an Italian neighborhood and I am weak). I am a girl who doesn’t own… Continue reading


I haven’t posted in a while. I got two new jobs. I got a new family member – a tiny little baby kitten (more on that lil piece of perfection later). AND I… Continue reading


I share in the rest of the world’s sentiments tonight, and forever. We lost a true icon today. I am devastated to hear the news of the passing of Robin Williams. I am… Continue reading

Looking for trouble

It is never a good idea to look around too much. It is a far better idea to just keep your head down and mind your own business. I have learned this lesson… Continue reading

I peed my pants at school in 8th grade because growing up is hard.

Once, I peed my pants in the hallway at school. I went to a performing arts middle school in Florida. My friend Devin and I were supposed to be running errands for our… Continue reading

“Who’s Who” in the Nursing Home

I was volunteering at Lexington Terrace Assisted Living Facility in Florida. My best friend Lauren and I volunteered there for a few years to boost up the extracurricular section on our resumes (also… Continue reading

Bathroom Beatdown

I am in Mrs. Macon’s class at Orange Grove Elementary. I am wearing a dress decorated with a yellow school bus and various school supplies (you know, the usual). It is pink and… Continue reading